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Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Audio Workshop with C.J. Hayden
Available on CD or MP3

Social entrepreneurship is a model that has been gaining momentum in recent years as an answer to social problems on a global scale and scarce resources to address them. Social entrepreneurs apply business principles and leadership skills to address social issues. They build mission-driven businesses aimed at solving social problems, direct their professional skills and training toward helping people in need, or use their entrepreneurial skills to found nonprofits that use innovative business models.

If you feel called to make more of a difference in the world and want to make a living while doing it, this program is for you. In this one-hour audio workshop, here's what you will learn:
  • What social entrepreneurship is, and what it isn't
  • Five sustainable business models for a social enterprise
  • How to make social ventures pay for themselves
  • Where to find financial support for projects with a social agenda
  • How to attract a team of supporters and champions
  • How to get your project off the ground and keep it moving
You will benefit from this program if you:
  • Are curious about social entrepreneurship as a new solution to social problems
  • Have a business idea that addresses a social issue
  • Want to become more active in advocating for social change
  • Are considering launching a new nonprofit organization
  • Would like to add an earned income component to an existing nonprofit
  • Want your business or private practice to do more to help others
"To anyone with a good idea for making the world better, you don't have to reinvent the wheel! This program can offer practical guidance, a wealth of examples, alternative approaches to challenging questions — more than enough to begin transforming your idea into a viable enterprise."
— Nina Ham, Co-Chair, East Bay Labyrinth Project

"This program is a great introduction to social entrepreneurism for beginners — people who are drawn to set up or be part of a social entrepreneurial venture, and don't know where to start."
— Susan Hyatt, Business Nonprofit Connections, Inc.

About the program leader:

C.J. Hayden is the bestselling author of Get Clients Now! and Get Hired Now! As an entrepreneurship coach and advisor to social ventures, she's been helping entrepreneurs build enterprises that make a difference since 1992. C.J. has taught workshops for the U.S. Small Business Administration, SCORE, Women's Initiative for Self-Employment, and San Francisco Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center. She is the founder of the social entrepreneurship project Send Girls to School, a senior program advisor for Ashoka's Youth Venture in San Francisco, and serves on the boards of the Global Initiative to Advance Entrepreneurship and the S.F. Bay Area Chapter of the Social Enterprise Alliance.

60-Minute Audio plus 2-Page Handout

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Note: This program was recorded live from a teleseminar. You'll hear questions and comments as C.J. interacts with the audience.
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Invite C.J. to Speak

c.j. hayden Invite C.J. to bring one of her popular programs to your company, association, networking group, or conference. Choose from the topics listed below, or ask C.J. to suggest a topic that meets your needs. C.J. typically charges a fee to speak for profit-making ventures or groups outside the San Francisco Bay Area, but she is sometimes available for local events or teleseminars at no charge.

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise
How can you use entrepreneurial principles to accomplish a social mission? What is social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and social business, and how are these approaches different from business as usual? Learn about sustainable business models for socially-motivated enterprises, examples of successful projects, how to make social ventures pay for themselves, and how you or your organization can get started. Available as a half-day workshop, short talk or teleseminar.

Marketing Your Social Venture
Every social venture needs marketing to attract financial support for your projects, buyers for your products and services, clients for your venture to serve, and a fan base of supporters. Learn how to choose and implement marketing strategies appropriate to your budget, how marketing is different from fundraising, public relations, or selling, and how to create the essential tools required for effective marketing of a social venture. Available as a half-day or full-day workshop, short talk, or teleseminar.

Coaching Social Entrepreneurs
Social entrepreneurs are people who can't rest until their ideas have changed all of society. These challenging clients range from wide-eyed visionaries to pragmatists with spreadsheets. To coach them toward success, you need to understand the world they live in and match the scale of their vision. Learn about the different models of social entrepreneurship, a step-by-step process for assisting clients to launch new social ventures, how to empower your clients to hold a global vision, and how to make sure you get paid what you're worth as a coach. Available as a short talk or teleseminar.

Make a Better Living Doing What You Love:
How to Get Clients or Get Hired in Any Profession

Do you sometimes feel trapped between the desire to earn more and wanting to do work you enjoy? The good news is that you don't have to make this tough choice. You CAN make a better living doing the work you love! Discover how more people become millionaires by choosing happiness over money (it's true!), five essential steps to build the business or career you really want, why you need to learn the crucial skill of gatecrashing, strategic planning tools you must have in order to succeed, and how to use the "power of people" to overcome obstacles and achieve ambitious goals. Available as a short talk or teleseminar.

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What is a teleseminar? A teleseminar is a live, interactive workshop that is conducted over a teleconference line. Participants can ask questions of the seminar leader and hear comments from other participants, just as they would in a classroom. Participants join the class by calling the teleseminar phone number from any regular phone line. No Internet access is necessary.

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